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Hòg mhaidne (in Gaelic)

Growing up with a Scottish parent tonight was always the biggest celebration of the year. It’s a night that everyone should spend in Scotland at least once. It’s a night where a country that can stand toe-to-toe with the Irish when it comes to drinking and having a good time, turns the dial to 11 and leaves all others in their wake.

In the finest of Scottish traditions I’m going to buy a round of  decent whiskey for myself and my friends at around midnight, and propose a toast to absent friends. It’s going to be emotional, but also somewhat cleansing for the soul.

2010 has been brutal and I’m happy to see the back of it, 2011 is going to be spectacular.

Haste ye back, we loue you dearly,
Call again you’re welcome here.
May your days be free from sorrow,
And your friends be ever near.
May the paths o’er which you wander,
Be to you a joy each day.
Haste ye back we loue you dearly,
Haste ye back on friendship’s way.

Happy new year. And while I’ll be thinking of who is not here tonight, I’ll do appreciate those who are. Thanks for being there, I feel very lucky.

Gauguin, culture and beer mix in London

I was meeting friends for lunch in London today, but the rest of the day was my own. To be fair most of my friends were supposed to actually be working today, I’m sure it’s possible that a civil servant could actually get rather busy on a Monday after a holiday… It just seems rather… Continue Reading

Flying is good, airports not so good.

This is going to sound a little like bragging, and yeah it maybe a little, but it’s my blog and I’m allowed too! Over the last year I’ve spent a lot of time in the air. Two trips to Asia and after Christmas in London it’s 13 to Europe with more to come to both… Continue Reading

Discarding proof in order to be right

I got an interesting e-mail a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been sitting on it deciding what to do. It seems one of the rumours my ex is putting around is that she now believes I never went through OS. As with other accusations she has made, either first hand or by proxy, she has… Continue Reading

Marmite everywhere!!!!

My brother and his family gave me Marmite flavoured chocolate and cashews for Christmas. Let me be clear, there is no such thing as enough Marmite in this world, but the chocolate, that was new to me. It’s interesting, in a good way, it’s certainly not a taste one will acquire later in life. Thanks… Continue Reading

A little Christmas rambling

This post is a little rambling, it kinda reflects how I feel today, but I hope worth it. Christmas this year was about spending time with my family, and I have a wonderful, supportive family. I’m doing something about living 4800 miles away. Arrived at Heathrow on Christmas Eve. SeaTac was busy, the plane packed… Continue Reading

OMG! The crowds…

I know Japan is crowded, the numbers are rather staggering (warning stat alert), it has bout half the population of the US, squeezed into less than 5% of the land area. Judging from the train ride from Nagoya to Tokyo “rural” has a very different definition here. The train station is a just a few… Continue Reading


After long meetings all week and a late night getting to Tokyo last night I was determined to spend a few hours today with just me and my iPod wandering around Tokyo and trying to recharge a little. One of the places I did want to visit was the rather controversial Yasukuni-jinja; this is a… Continue Reading

I’m in Tokyo and this is awesome!

This is one of my favorite cities anywhere. It’s certainly one of the most interesting and has people watching that’s arguably better than Las Vegas. I’ve never seen 6 women dressed as “little bo-peep the zombie years” walking along the street in Vegas; we can tick that particular one off on my list of unlikely… Continue Reading