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The dog has been the best defender for Ireland!

i got sent a link to this. Galic Football is an entertaining game to watch, this is an Ireland (home of the game) Australia game where a dog not only gets loose on the pitch, but joins in the game. The commentators are having fun, worth 4 minutes of your time.

At 1.40ish, “The dog has been the best defender for Ireland in this game!” I was amused.

A Big Year in Football

2012 is a big year in football, Euro2012 in Poland and the Ukraine is the big international tournament. So my big question is what sort of summer is it going to be for England and Capello? Redemption for the humiliation against the Germans in Bloemfontein, or will we have it confirmed that the idea of… Continue Reading

Football on Boxing Day

The origin of the Boxing Day holiday goes back a long way. The downstairs staff would get the day off after serving their masters and guests on Christmas day. One version is that the staff would get their Christmas bonus, still known by some in the UK as the “Christmas Box”. Where ever the name… Continue Reading

Woking 1 – Farnborough 0

There is always something special about walking into a football ground shortly before kick-off. At Woking FC Kingfield Stadium this was a mix of the usual anticipation augmented by the wonderful smell of meat pies ready for half time. Woking play in Blue Square South, that’s five leagues bellow the Premiership and obviously a gulf… Continue Reading

A day out in the big city…

Today I went to London to meet some friends for lunch. I did this last year and arrangements were similar: downstairs bar the Hard rock Café sometime around one.  Lunch was good , stories told, laughs shared and beer drunk. In addition to lunch I spent a couple of hours in the Tate Modern and… Continue Reading

So what have I learned about Twitter?

One of the things I got out of BlogWorld was the social media tools available and more of an idea about how they work. I’ve been playing with Twitter over the last couple of weeks, it’s been rather interesting learning how this tool works, and I’ve enjoyed dipping in and out of the conversations. So… Continue Reading

Yesterday in Analytics

Yesterday I had a spike in visitors, mostly through a couple of links, however somehow the following search terms (and both the terms and the spelling used are genuine) led people to, and I’ve no idea why their particular journey ended up here. Tripping on LSD Tripping on LSD at borobudur mail man Everett… Continue Reading

Busiest weekend of the year…

We were in the office this morning (yep Sunday) talking about plans and traditions at this time of year. Friends and colleagues are heading all over the world for Christmas. Thailand, Florida, California, Ohio (reluctantly), Spain, France, and of course I’m heading to London. Other than the family and traditional over indulgence (which seems universal),… Continue Reading