The List

This list stared shortly after I left secondary school. My father always encouraged my brother and I to explore the world a little, find a place that made up happy and enjoy life. When I was 18 I had a few days off work, with no planning (something that characterized a lot of my travels since) I caught a ferry to Ostend and ended up in Bruges and Brussels for a few days.

This started a life long love of travel and adventure.

This is a living list, items get added or removed occasionally. Not because they are necessarily impossible, but for what ever reason it does not interest me in the same way anymore. Occasionally an item just gets replaced by something new and shiny.

To do:

  • Learn to play an instrument proficiency
  • Have a house that is distinctively mine instead of just a place I own
  • Have a photograph displayed in a gallery
  • Become a proficient climber
  • Run and learn to enjoy it
  • Spend time in India
  • Watch Rangers play Celtic
  • Do real, up and down multi-day hikes on different continents
  • Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao
  • Go to Carnivale
  • Get a tattoo celebrating survival
  • Throw a dart onto a map and travel there
  • Ride around Alaska
  • Take the train to St Petersburg
  • Live in France
  • See the Pyramids
  • Xian and Forbidden City
  • See England play away
  • Dive the Blue Hole in Belieze


  • Confidently play craps in Las Vegas (2009)
  • See the Northern lights (from just North of Bellingham, 2012)
  • Build a car and race it (2012)
  • Go see a big fight in Vegas (2011)
  • Drive the PCH in a convertible (2009)
  • Dive Tioman island (1994)
  • Dive Great Barrier Reef (1992)
  • Drive across the US (1992)
  • Drive across Canada (1995)
  • Road trip through Europe (1988)
  • Use an around the world ticket (1996)
  • Pack a bag and get on a train to somewhere (1987, the one that started this. I ended up in Brussels)
  • Bungy jump (Cairns, 1992)
  • Learn how to sail (Of all places – Milton Keynes, 1990)
  • Have a website (since 1997)
  • Watch the sun set from Victoria peek (2000)
  • See the Sistine chapel (1990)
  • Stand on the Ponte Vecchio (1994)
  • Take part in the PPIHC (2003)
  • See Ankor Wat (1992, very adventurous at the time)
  • Sit on a beach and cook fish I’ve just caught (South of France, 1995)
  • Walk across Sydney Harbour Bridge (1993)
  • Go to the Olympics (1992, 2010 and 2012)
  • New Years Eve in Trafalgar Square (1996)
  • Visit a concentration camp and remember (Dachau, 1992)
  • Spend an entire day wandering in the Louvre (2001)
  • Visit the Air and apace Museum in Washington (1992)
  • Run the entire British open championship (1989)
  • Rally in Europe (1989)