Third time is a charm…

OK, not my first time here, and it’s just as much fun as ever, even if there were a few car issues this year. Will come back next year stronger, and hopefully faster than ever.

Happiness starts with a moment

On twitter today someone sent out a partial Charles Caleb Colton quote. I can’t find the tweet again, but if it was you let me know and I’ll give full credit. I ended up doing a little reading about Mr Colton, discovered a rather prolific and very quotable writer. He comes across as one of… Continue Reading

Vancouver Fringe

This was the final full weekend of the Vancouver Fringe Performing arts festival. The weather was about perfect, the performances we saw ranged from “inventive and interesting” to one the Edmonton Sun called “Half William Shatner, half Zapp Brannigan, half blind and total alcoholism”. How could you say no to theater like that? It’s not… Continue Reading

Peeling back the curtain – Four episodes in

Eleven times in the past we’ve adjusted to a new Doctor, we’ve slowly learned a little about who The Doctors is and now it’s time for number 12: Peter Capaldi to take center stage. I’ve been watching The Doctor since John Pertwee (#3), admittedly that was mostly peering out from behind the sofa. The first… Continue Reading

Why I Write

Why I write is an easy question to answer. It empties my mind, I find it very relaxing, and it is hard to do sometimes. And if you’ve ever successfully copied something you saw on Pinterest, you’ll know nothing gives more pride than nailing something difficult. Hard stuff takes determination, practice and a certain amount… Continue Reading