And why am I here?


The Secret Life of Dave Kean, age 47 1/2

The house I grew up in… A cozy semi in Guildford, a huge park at the end of the road and friends even closer. I loved growing up in England.

When I was a child I wanted to be… Typical boy stuff, pilot, racing driver, Ice cream taster.

The moment that changed me forever… Being a cancer survivor. Emerging from my own annus horribilis and knowing who I am, what I can really endure and who my friends really are.

My greatest inspiration… Dad. Ethics, fun, loyalty and hard work all come from him. He encouraged me to go find a place in the world that makes me happy.

My real-life villain… Dan V, biggest arse I’ve ever worked for.

My style icon… James May and the “normal bloke” look

If I could change one thing about myself… it would be my lack of motivation and idleness that strikes me occasionally. Deep down, most of us are lazy.

At night I dream of… Very, very rarely remember my dreams.

What I see when I look in the mirror I see… someone whose older (and hairier) than I remember.

My favourite item of clothing… A black sports coat that I’ve been told looks good with almost anything.

I wish I’d never worn… a black miniskirt, it’s a long story.

It’s not fashionable but I like… role playing games, my little geeky secret.

You wouldn’t know it but I’m very good at… reading maps, I love maps and knowing what’s over the next hill.

You may not know it but I’m no good at… networking, I get rather shy.

All my money goes on… if I had my choice, race cars.

If I have time to myself… I will spend it pottering about in the garage, there is always something that needs to be tweeked.

I drive… An F150, with a white Miata and Subaru also taking up space.

My house is… a place I can sit and admire the view.

My most valuable possession is… my utterly impractical car, no mater what’s gone on in my day driving that makes it all feel better.

My favourite building… CenturyLink on matchday, a sea of green yelling for the Sounders.

Movie heaven… An afternoon of classic war movies. A bridge too far, The longest day, Dirty dozen and The great escape.

My favourite work of art… Lichtensteins “Whaam!” in the wonderful Tate Modern in London.

The people who really makes me laugh… Rick Mayall and Ade Edmondson.

The shops I can’t walk past… Book stores, if it’s an independent then the credit card is coming out…

The best invention ever… Amazon Kindle, it’s awesome and I would not travel without it.

In 10 years’ time, I hope to be… still gently working along my career path, living in Europe again with my tremendous family.

My greatest regret… Not working harder at school. I sometimes think I could have done something more serious.

My life in seven words… An interesting, unplanned journey, rewarding and happy.