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And the 2012 F1 Season…

2011 was a good year for F1, the stats are excelent, more over taking thanks to a combination of aero changes, the Drag-Reduction-System (DRS), the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) and the tires that gave tremendous grip, for a while.

But it could have been more competitive. Perhaps we were just spoiled by maybe the best championship in the history of the sport in 2010. With Kimi Raikkonon returning for 2012 (admittedly with Lotus) there are 6 world champions on the grid, and that’s got to be good.

Lets be clear, Vettel won his second world championship in style. It became little predicable and was wrapped up with four races to go. But such was the speed of Vettel and the Red Bull that there was little real doubt after Valencia. The constructor’s championship (which is what the teams get paid by) was tied up one race later.

Vettels ability in the first couple of laps to pull out a significant lead over everyone was astounding. That first lap was critical and made it clear that baring a mistake, everyone else was running for second. Continue Reading

It’s still raw, but 2011 has been a great year

It all came to a halt last night and no one should have been surprised, after Saturday the odds of playing in the conference final Sunday were long.  And that’s no ones fault other than the players that put on the atrocious display in Salt Lake Saturday night. In the past I’ve been impressed by… Continue Reading

Sounders 1 – Monterrey 2

Not a game for the ages, but tonight we saw some world class players show how effortless this game can be. We also saw the difference between victory and loss can be wafer thin. This was the last game of the champions League group stage, Seattle were already through and Monterrey (the defending champions in… Continue Reading

Sounders 2 – San Jose 1

The home regular season finished tonight, and it’s been a great year hasn’t it? Unfortunately for the first 75 minutes or so the Sounders were not at their best, there was little creativity and only one chance worth the name, but how quickly things change in this game. The headlines will be dominated by two… Continue Reading

Sounders 4 – Red Bull 2

I never had enough energy to head into Seattle for one of the Sounders games I had circled when the schedule came out. New York (even with out Henry) was one of the big ones and ESPN2 missed the first 10 minutes when the Cal-Virginia baseball game went over. The apology tweet from Alexi Lalas… Continue Reading

Sounders 2 – Fire 1: At last, three points.

The first win of the year is in the books and that particular elephant in the room is taken care of. It was not the best performance of the year, but it was good enough and that’s the piece that mattered. Montero was still out after surgery to his wrist last week; he was around… Continue Reading

Six weeks to Dubai…

It’s only day one of the first test of the year and really means nothing, but Vettel is top of the timesheets in the new Red Bull and by a little distance. Force India had a good showing, Ferrari were not much off the pace (but was reliable, Alonso did 98 laps today, but Ferraris… Continue Reading

One more day of perfection needed by Alonso

As the 2010 F1 season has gone on I’ve come to like the current Q3-Q2-Q1 knock out qualifying system more and more. The tension ramps up nicely to the 10-minute shootout in Q3 for the top10 on the grid. Abu Dhabi was a fascinating final qualifying session. There was none of the waiting until the… Continue Reading