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T is for The Thames

Even the biggest cities have a feature that tends to became a focus point as the city grew and developed. For London that’s the River Thames. It’s still maybe the most important thoroughfare for the city. Most of what’s important is close to the Thames. It takes about an hour to walk from stroll from… Continue Reading

O is for Olympics

This summer the Olympics are in London, and it should be quite the event. 36 years ago Montreal was the host and this is about my earliest sporting memory. I remember watching parts of it with dad and my grandfather at my grandparents house in Scotland. I knew nothing of cost over runs, boycotts or… Continue Reading

N is for the North Downs

Cutting a large arc across southern England from Dover to the Surrey/Hampshire border is a large chalk escarpment called the North Downs. It’s a beautiful place, but it;s more than that. When I was flying back and forth to London a couple of years ago this is where I’d go for a walk for an… Continue Reading

M is for Museums

I’m a sucker for great museums, there are few better ways to kill an afternoon. I have some favorites, both esoteric and mainstream.  The Design Museum and National Portrait Gallery in London, Musée d’Orsay in Paris, Udvar-Hazy Center in Washington,  the awesome Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Milan and so on. Clearly it’s not a… Continue Reading

That Light Bulb Moment

A few weeks ago I spoke about a friend whose daughter is getting ready to study in London for a semester. I get quizzed daily about what’s different in England, what does she need to take and so on. It’s like she is preparing her eldest for a trip up Everest rather than to one… Continue Reading

A day out in the big city…

Today I went to London to meet some friends for lunch. I did this last year and arrangements were similar: downstairs bar the Hard rock Café sometime around one.  Lunch was good , stories told, laughs shared and beer drunk. In addition to lunch I spent a couple of hours in the Tate Modern and… Continue Reading

Busiest weekend of the year…

We were in the office this morning (yep Sunday) talking about plans and traditions at this time of year. Friends and colleagues are heading all over the world for Christmas. Thailand, Florida, California, Ohio (reluctantly), Spain, France, and of course I’m heading to London. Other than the family and traditional over indulgence (which seems universal),… Continue Reading

A blinkered view of the world…

I’ve sent most of the last couple of months working off the main site at work. I was in my regular office for the first time in a week. A friend dropped by my desk, we used to work together on a project for a year or so. She is one of those I’ll go… Continue Reading

Thank you NBC, it’s been wonderful

Some time in the early morning Sunday New Zealand beat France to win the Web Ellis Trophy in the Rugby World Cup. Now, I’m sure the Kiwi and Kangeroo on Greenlake was heaving at three in the morning when the final whistle blew. New Zealand were red hot favorites, lets just say the Kiwis at… Continue Reading