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What Others Dream. We Do.

It’s been a big week at work, the first 787 was delivered. There are a lot of milestones between the launch of a program and delivery, some artificial (“roll-out”) and some very important (certification) . Delivery may be about the most important, it shows not only can we build an aircraft that meets all the regulatory requirements, but we built one that meets the customer’s requirement.

And we are in business because of the customer.

I’ve been on and off this program a number of times. It started seven years ago talking about AGUs, DCUs, ACPs, AMUs and a whole alphabet soup of acronyms. A couple of years later I was pulled back to work some avionics issues and my most recent stint has been working as a manufacturing engineer. It’a all been challenging, it’s all been difficult, but it’s also been a rewarding experience, working with some great people.

It’s nice to sit back and look at what’s been achieved since we sat in a room talking architecture. There is so much more to do, but for a few hours it was fun to sit back and think about the thousands of people all over the world working together every day to do incredible things.

There are lots of pictures around the web of the ceremony Monday, it is a great looking airplane. Randy Tinseths Blog gives a good idea of what it was like to be there.

On the back of my business cards it says “What Others Dream. We Do.” Monday showed what we meant by that.

That burnout thing…

I spoke a month or two ago about burnout and what I was going through. I said my friends called it and they were right, I’ve been successful at cutting the traveling down a little, delegating some work and enjoying weekends off. I still find the motivation a little difficult to come by at times,… Continue Reading

Out of the office and…

I have been out of the office in meetings over the last couple of days, it’s been nice to spend a little time outside in this weather. This was the view from the car park at the partners, blue sky, white clouds and mountain on the horizon. I like this. Continue Reading

I now have a new definition of cold

I now have a new definition of cold. Forget Jack from Titanic and his puny not much bellow freezing hypothermia. Today in Winnipeg it was -21 with the wind chill taking it down another 12 or 15 degrees, and these are in new world Celsius. This is manly hypothermia weather. Walking out of a building… Continue Reading

One morning you could see her panties…

I’ve been thinking about this and every trip, be it pleasure or business, has a moment that defines the trip. Karaoke in Nagoya, the unexpected hole in the wall barbeque place we were steered towards in Long Beach and so on. Nothing many others have not written about in the past. Tulsa (and I was… Continue Reading

Long Acres

Spent the afternoon with a shirt and tie on pitching to the decision makers in Long Acres. Good meetings, ran long, but none the less good. Stopped in Ikea on the way home, this is somewhere I rarely visit, I can’t stand the crowds and the slow “Ikea shuffle” as everyone winds their way through… Continue Reading

My friends called it…

I’ve been travelling a lot for work in the last few months, and there will be more plenty more in the immediate future. There have been times when inspiration has been difficult to come by and motivation may not be totally there. One of my friends called it before I recognized it, I’m approaching burnout.… Continue Reading

Konnichi Wa

Days like this give those stressful days with all the bad stuff and accusations a more healthy perspective. It’s been an up and down week. Rough at times and wonderful in other moments, both personally and professionally; it’s nice to be around people who look after what they need to do. I’ve a lot of… Continue Reading