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Vancouver Fringe

This was the final full weekend of the Vancouver Fringe Performing arts festival. The weather was about perfect, the performances we saw ranged from “inventive and interesting” to one the Edmonton Sun called “Half William Shatner, half Zapp Brannigan, half blind and total alcoholism”. How could you say no to theater like that?

Granville Island

It’s not the Edinburgh Fringe, that’s a unique beast, but there was plenty to enjoy. And it’s always fun to spend a weekend in Vancouver.

Granville Island Hotel

Two people, three days and 18 shows.

Yesterday the largest performing arts festival finished it three-week run and drew to a close. While I’d loved to have been there for the entire run catching the brilliant, the passionate, the totally absurd and occasionally absolute rubbish, we only had time for three days. But we packed a lot into those three days. If… Continue Reading

Preparing for the long flight home…

Up to now I’ve found the best way to deal with jetlag to be a couple of gin and tonics (“Easy on the tonic there”) and an Ambien sleeping pill in the British Airways lounge just as we get called for boarding. Typically my chemically induced sleep overtakes me as the airplane climbs out of… Continue Reading

Entering the land of the relaxed…

There was a moment of total relaxation, it came on a Thursday, just before lunchtime to be precise. We were wandering through a vineyard near St Helena and it just struck me how incredible this life is. The warm glow was probably helped by the very recent sampling at the V.Sattui winery.    I was… Continue Reading

Budweiser, it’s so unnecessary…

My Twitter (@davekean) proudly proclaims I am a beer snob, I like good beer and the allegations that Anheuser-Busch (owned by Europe’s InBev) is watering down their beer made me nod knowingly (and  feel a little superior). Yep, of course they are, have you tasted it? Anheuser-Busch has of course denied these accusations and stated,… Continue Reading

When the weather cooperated…

London is a wonderful place to be, when it’s not so good I am happy for the invention of goretex.  A stunning couple of nights in London, now it’s time to prepare for the main event on Tuesday. I hope you are all having as much fun as I am.   Continue Reading

Z means it’s the end…

The last month has been a fun diversion, I’ve rather enjoyed the A-to-Z Challenge. I read a lot of new blogs, added a couple to my bookmarks and exchanged tweets and email with some new and interesting people. However it’s time to get back to other projects that have been a little neglected. Tweet Continue Reading

V is for Vatican

I’m not a Roman Catholic, but that never stopped me being absolutely awestruck when walking into St Peters. Millions of others have walked through the same doors, and if anyone of them ever mentioned to you that they though “Cool, now where is the gift shop”, check to see if they have a pulse. Tweet Continue Reading