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Vancouver Fringe

This was the final full weekend of the Vancouver Fringe Performing arts festival. The weather was about perfect, the performances we saw ranged from “inventive and interesting” to one the Edmonton Sun called “Half William Shatner, half Zapp Brannigan, half blind and total alcoholism”. How could you say no to theater like that?

Granville Island

It’s not the Edinburgh Fringe, that’s a unique beast, but there was plenty to enjoy. And it’s always fun to spend a weekend in Vancouver.

Granville Island Hotel

Day 3 – How black can humour get?

Yesterday I spent a lot of time with friends. A little time sitting on the beach and a quiet drink, followed by nap (which came after day-2, I’m really appreciating naps again) and then an evening sitting on the deck with friends drinking chocolate Martinis, explaining cricket, looking at CAT scans, deciding who is getting… Continue Reading

Schedule announced… Finally

At last the MLS schedule has been released, there are a couple of games that clash early in the season with planned travel, but not too bad. May 14th and June 11th are going to be fun, as will the corresponding fixtures at Vancouver and Portland. In addition to the two local teams an away… Continue Reading

Shankley was right, sport can be more important

I remember the ’88 Olympics from Calgary; being British hopes were never high for the winter games. Team GB had a little run of success in figure skating, the superlative performance of Jayne Torivll and Christopher Dean in Sarajevo followed on from the success of Robyn Cousins and John Curry in ‘76 and ’80 respectively. … Continue Reading

Sport at its best

At its best, sport is about people doing something transcendentally brilliant, something that is amazingly skillful, disciplined, verging on the breathtakingly beautiful and in so doing is capable bringing enormous joy to the people watching. I love the Olympics, the idea of the finest in a set discipline doing it, not for a pay cheque… Continue Reading

What matters to Canada

For the last two weeks Vancouver has been shown off at it’s very best. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend some time there, take in a couple of events and revel in the tremendous atmosphere created by something this big going so well. There were problems early on, obviously the death of Nodar Kumaritashvil on… Continue Reading

Free Mukmuk!

There is another matter that has got a surprising amount of attention in some quaters, the recognition of Mukmuck. For those not in the know Mukmuk is a sidekick to the three main Vancouver 2010 mascots Quatchi, Miga and Sumi. Just for information Quatchi is a Sasquatch, Miga is a orca/bear crossbreed and Sumi is… Continue Reading