I’m back, I’m not quick, but I’m back…

This was a big milestone weekend for me, and I got to share it with 59 others all trying to do the same thing – Race to the top of a hill. I was not quick, but by gosh it felt good to be back, I’m still smiling.

This weekend was filled with good BBQ, lots of laughs, a few drinks and some wonderful moments shared with great friends.

I went racing, for the first time since this. This weekend the three years of learning to cope with the disorientation, dizziness and occasional vertigo through long sessions of physiotherapy, and dumb determination, paid off.

I had two goals for the weekend: drive to the top of the hill and drive the car home again. Not lofty goals, but I achieved them both. While I was not the quickest driver over the weekend (but not the slowest either), I’m not sure there was any that had a better time than I did.

Thanks to JB for knowing exactly what I needed over the last 12 years, I don’t know how you knew, but I love you for it. For Chris and Chris for being such a big part of the weekend. For Heidi, Amy and Jillian for letting us act our hat sizes, rather than ages, for a weekend thank you.

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